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Teshio Experimental Forest

ADDRESS  131 Toikanbetsu, Horonobe, Hokkaido,
                    098-2943, JAPAN
TEL              +81-1632-6-5211
FAX              +81-1632-6-5003
E-MAIL       tesio [at]
Teshio Experimental Forest Office

Nakagawa Experimental Forest

ADDRESS  483 Otoineppu, Otoineppu-mura, Hokkaido,
      098-2501, JAPAN
TEL              +81-1656-5-3216
FAX              +81-1656-5-3218
E-MAIL       nakagawa [at]
Nakagawa Experimental Forest Office

Uryu Experimental Forest

ADDRESS   Moshiri, Horokanai, Hokkaido, 074-0741, JAPAN
TEL               +81-1653-8-2125
FAX               +81-1653-3-7522
E-MAIL         uryu [at]
Uryu Experimental Forest Office

Sapporo Experimental Forest

ADDRESS   N9W9, Kita, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0809,
TEL              +81-11-706-2588
FAX              +81-11-706-3450
E-MAIL       shinrin [at]
Sapporo Experimental Forest Office

Tomakomai Experimental Forest

ADDRESS    Takaoka, Tomakomai, Hokkaido, 053-0035,
TEL               +81-144-33-2171
FAX               +81-144-33-2173
E-MAIL         tomak [at]
Tomakomai Experimental Forest Office

Hiyama Experimental Forest

ADDRESS  172-1 Ohdome, Kaminokuni, Hokkaido,
      049-0611, JAPAN
TEL             +81-1395-5-2048
FAX             +81-1395-5-2048
E-MAIL      f-hiyama [at]
Hiyama Experimental Forest Office

Wakayama Experimental Forest

ADDRESS   559 Hirai, Kozagawa, Higashimuro, Wakayama,
                    649-4563, JAPAN
TEL             +81-735-77-0321
FAX             +81-735-77-0301
E-MAIL       wakayama [at]
Wakayama Experimental Forest Office