Education & Outreach

Graduate students' program

Graduate students carry out their researches for Master’s and Doctor’s theses. As education programs, we have classes for learning theory and basics of forest ecology, animal ecology and environmental sciences. We also provide a number of training programs in our Experimental Forests for learning method of field work. Many seminars for reading paper in turns and discussing research plans and results are conducted frequently.


Field class for students

The Experimental Forests are utilized for practical work  by other universityes as well as undergraduate students of Hokkaido University.


Environmental education for the public

Various classes and seminars for the public are held, taking an advantage of the unique local setting of each Experimental Forest. The Experimental Forests are also used as a field of environmental education sessions by schools.


  1.  Forest Expedition Team at Uryu Experimantal Forest (for 10-12 year-old school children)                          
  2. Nature Observation Walk at Nakagawa Experimental Forest                                                                        
  3. Work Experience Seminar at Wakayama Experimental Forest(for 10-12 year-old school children)