Data Base

The Experimental Forests accumulate a wide range of research and observation data and publicize them as database for research and education. The data includes census on timbers, measurements of environmental conditions and general data of flora and fauna; long-term monitoring and concurrent observation at multiple Experimental Forests are practised. The database is stored at the public database manager by JaLTER (Japan Long Term Ecological Research Network), and the data can be viewed and downloaded on the Internet with compliance to the data release policy by JaLTER.

JaLTER Data Base

JaLTER, Japan Long Term Ecological Research Network, is a local network of ecological monitoring sites for facillitating long-term ecological studies.

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Hokkaido-KIta : Teshio,Nakagawa,Uryu.
Tomakomai : Tomakomai,Hiyama,Wakayama

Tree census, Long-term observation

  • Long-term permanent plot
  • Tree census
  • Natural forest
  • Plantaion forest

Micrometeorology data

  •  Air temperature
  •  Relative humidity
  •  Wind speed
  •  Wind direction
  •  Solar radiation

Stream chemistry and runoff

  • CO2 flux data
  • Stream water quality
  • Water quality
  • Ionic concentration
  • Snowpack depth
  • Snowfall depth
  • Ion
  • Nitrate
  • pH
  • Electric conductivity

Population dynamics of Japanese sika deer

  • Japanese sika deer
  • Cervus nippon
  • Cervus nippon yesoensis
  • Method : spotlight survey

Rodents data

  • Myodes rufocanus
  • Apodemus speciosus
  • Apodemus argenteus

Ground Beetle Census Data (Forest & Grassland Survey, Monitoring Sites 1000 Project)

  • Carabid Beetles
  • Ground Beetle communities
  • Method : pitfall traps

Flora and Fauna

 Data Link     Flora    Fauna    

  • Plant
  • Forest
  • Animal
  • Vegetation research
  • Species list

Monitoring Site 1000 Forest Survey

  • Ground Beetle
  • Accumulated organic layer
  • Mineral Soil
  • Cellulose Decomposition